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Please don't leave
Oh Love, don't go

Stay with me




I will follow you
and call it love
to the edge and the ends
of our earthly bed

C inch the boys in their place,

O bjectified / attentions indecently like proposing

Predeterm¬ined manifesto

1. Opening of gifts,
All the warmth: the welcome smiles,
Where our hearts reside.

Photo Booth

Now bold to keep hold
of child idle wishes,

The Santa Ana's
Scorching heat
Soon begins

A Passersby-"J"

A Passerby's "J"

Super dope Uber

Driver, fixer, father, man

Night-parade showgirls

High desert blithe, ghost town crones,

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Www.Hellopoetry.com/butchdecatoria. Turns 45 years this Lions' Day, August 10th,2019 —in the heat of Sin City, where innocence comes to die. I simply try to be inspired by love and life, they say write what you know, and i have been lucky enough to have been introduced to poetry early on. I know and believe in this —the poet & the beautiful world's heart / soul / truth. " The thing about love is that we come alive in bodies not our own, " Colum McCann Let the Great World Spin. A mix of Irish & Filipino, I was born in the nation of 7000 islands, in the city of Olongapo, near Subic Bay. Father was in the military, my mother was a maid, but they never married. Immigrated to U.S. in ‘81 and feel as American as the next, English my only language, written or spoken—words I shape to beautiful... I aspire to leave behind something beautiful & worthwhile, and t hope it creates good ripples to make the world better than I had left it. To inspire others, to be memorialized and immortalized by these gifts I leave behind. Death by beautiful songs sung, words hung in the stars on high. A poet artist who's heart and soul for ever shines, Thank you for taking the time to get to know me... Peace be with you.)

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Togetherness Song

Please don't leave
Oh Love, don't go

Stay with me
In the Afterglow

Peace in these
Wars of theirs devoured

Self & wish are only
To its self the power

Full of hails
Grace To marry the World

In the strong
Softness of Beloved

Please don't leave
My love, don't go...

(Stay with me in the Afterglow)

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I cannot wait to see tomorrow, but I will live like I just couldn't wait...

I will not be held down by the weight of the 'human condition' If this experience is my life, and all our lives we share, this world, or the next, I will choose to live it with love.

1. 'Intelligence without reason is a gluttonous man at the buffet'

2. "Intelligence without meaning is a photo album without the pictures"

With great 'knowledge' comes great responsibility, While with great 'power' comes even greater Consequence.

Add another "O" to g o d, and the word is "GOOD"

Paradise is a Road you make of it...

It's a killer that heals all wounds.

What is poetry? Poetry is a Gracious lover's kiss.

Inspiration is divination.

The Onion and the Artichoke both have layers, but it's the artichoke which has a heart. Don't marry an onion.

When there is Nothing, a little Something is Everything. Choose Peace.

Love may make many mistakes, but it's no mistake to make. Live and learn from every one. That is why and how love grows strong. It's true, love is no mistake.

Love is the silent language between us, which words misunderstands.

Do what you feel / Feel what you do.

Do what you feel Feel what you do.

Just say 'know' If you don't, then don't say You do.

I think therefore I should know I am...

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Butch Decatoria Popularity

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