Ceauxlbie Gray

Happy - Poem by Ceauxlbie Gray

As i sit alone listening to my friends laugh
a tear falls from my eye because i am missing you
i am missing the sound of your voice
your voice that warms my soul....my heart
i am missing your touch
your touch that makes me feel safe....happy
Your voice which lingers in my mind
seems like a distant memory calling for me
your touch which slowly fades away
seems like a dieing soul moving on
I feel so alone with out you here
Though I cannot here your voice in person
I miss it dearly
Though i cannot feel your touch in person
I miss it dearly
As the breeze saddens my body with cold shivers
As the fire brightens my heart with warm love
As that tear falls to the ground alone, like my soul
I smile, though I am alone, and cold
I smile knowing that I have you
You, my boyfriend, my soul mate, my love
So as that tear splatters onto the ground I am happy
I am happy knowing that I will hear your voice again
I am happy knowing that I will feel your touch again
I am happy knowing that I have you, and you have me
Though my body is frozen, and that tear fell from my eye
I smile, knowing that you are mine, and i am yours
I am happy....

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 5, 2011

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