Happy Days Ahead Poem by Ben Akinpelumi

Happy Days Ahead

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Life is full of choices we make
It's a fair amount of both give and take

As time has gone by, I've watched you grow strong
This path you've been on, I know has seemed long
Trust me, happy days ahead will come

Instead of feeling like a battle that can't be won
Each day produces a certain amount of gladness and sorrow
During your struggles, remember there's always tomorrow

Some days it's hard to know where to begin
We all have an inner strength that lives within
I'll help you find your way past your fears

Surely you can see that after all these years
I promise to be with you through it all
Instill in you the strength to stand tall

I feel what you feel deep inside your heart
Our souls bound together from the start

I support and respect every decision you make
Taking that step I know wasn't easy to take
Brighter days are within your reach
It's for you what I most beseech

When I walk beside you my face beams with pride
My feelings for you, I'll never hide

Hear my words of comfort whenever you're distraught
Every second of the day you're in my thoughts

Just was down and out and wrote a letter to myself and summed it all up in this poem.

So if anyone else out there is having a rough time, perk up because it really won't rain forever.

The sun will shine and there WILL be happy days again. There always is

Happy Days Ahead
Friday, August 9, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: hope
Ratnakar Mandlik 09 August 2019

A fabulous inspirational soliloquy, insightful and appealing the inner strength to rise and conquer the confronting hardships." Life is a fair amount of both give and take" It's a superb conceptualization and I liked it. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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