Happy Easter Blue - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Oh, blue blue blue, blue is my color
but inside, my heart shines true
and since I've known you, blue is your color too
All night, Good Friday, I tossed and turned, worried about you

You, the kind soul who made me a birthday cake
when I had begun to think most friends were pretend
and all would be lovers too were cold and fake
That we are friends I believe is no mistake

Now listen to me Blue, a friend is no friend if he doesn't do his best for you
and there is something I mean to tell you, knowing you may turn away
But inside, your friend I promise to stay
I see a change in you and it hurts me to see the things you've let slip away

I used to dream of the year 2001, it was far away and hard to see
I tried to fast forward and imagine the world of 2001 A Space Oddesy
And then I partied like it was 1999 but it empty. Now forward to 2008 and 2009
There is nothing faster than the passage of time!

Last night you replied to my Easter wishes for you
and for the first time I noticed a change in you, which you believe for the better
and now you say you live for today, and forget the past and throw it away
you eat meat on Friday and have said goodbye to tradition...Oh I'm sorry that's your condition!

Blue, Blue, Blue you're throwing yourself in to fast pace
but its going to hurt you more, you'll lose the best of you
and I'm more worried still you'll damage your soul and lose your grace
You're dreams were so bright, your heart so gentle that it was injured in love's fight

In your poems you found expression
and were working through your sadness, I saw the progression.
but now you think you impove but you slipped from your groove
and only a friend has the courage to say, at risk of you throwing me away

The very thing missing is to let God back in
His wisdom in infinate, mine fits on the head of a pin
But I know this personally: He'll take you back in
Yesterday was the very day he died for our sins

An if it's soon to be Easter Sunday morn in Kobe
please look out your window and see the sun rise
open your heart again and your eyes
Jesus died for our sins, and and rose to Heaven on Easter Day

You know I'm not a preacher or a teacher...just a friend
no matter what road you follow...my care to you I send
But I wish I could give you a gift that would make your heart mend
and I think it's this: Let this Easter be a rebirth of you and not an empty end

Happy Easter Blue..
God Loves You!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 27, 2009

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