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Harold - Poem by Nez Nut

Harold is round jolly kid
Loves lollipop, candy and all things sweet
Chocolate was his favourite
Everyone knew that
Walking everywhere with a bar in his hand
Smearing the sweetness all over his face
Looking like a walking chocolate man

One fine day after his day at sch
He bobbed down the alley to meet his good friend, henry.
Now henry wasn't as young, innocent or fine
He was 50 or was it 59?
2weeks ago he met our jolly round friend
Tempted him with chocolates and other sweet delights
Lured him back inside his home, his friendly smile looking more mean
Telling him 'if you want all these candies you gotta be clean'
Within an instant harold was nude
Not knowing what he was actually going to do
Old man henry giggled at the sight
'my oh my! ' he cried ' what wonderful round thighs'
He brought him to the shower and did his thing
While poor young harold didn't know what was happening.

This went on for months and months till dear young harold watched a show
They showed how men molested young boys
And the horrors there had to go through
Dropped his popcorn harold did
And got his pants dirty with brown stuff called sh it

The next day, sick henry was caught and sentenced to death
'i had my fun' said he
As the blade chopped off his head
Who could ever guess as poor harold stood there watching him die
That he'd someday turn out like that guy.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 26, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, April 30, 2010

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