Hats Off To You, Mr. E-Mail Poem by Raja Basu

Hats Off To You, Mr. E-Mail

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There was a time when the letter would take days to reach the receiver
And there was always the tension that the letter would reach the destination never.

It was a time consuming communication method, and very uncertain as well
Whether the letter would reach in time was something nobody could tell.

Above all, writing a letter by hand was always a tiring process
Making people around the world to write letters less and less.

Then we witnessed your emergence, something that caused a revolution in the way we exchange letter
You provided an option that is not only easier, but in every sense it is so better.

No more a painful writing on the paper, with a pen that my tired fingers find to be a burden
No more a scenario where I will find letter writing to be worse than falling into a drain.

Now we just access our email account, and our fingers start playing on the keyboard
And in no time we write a long mail, without feeling any load.

And the distance does not matter, even if I send the mail to somebody thousand miles away
It will always take only few seconds to cover the entire way.

No scenario for pasting stamps, or putting the letter into envelope
Just to type and click “Send”, and the mail will reach anywhere in the globe.

And yes, no need to send separate mails to separate people when the message is the same
I just need to “CC” the mail to everybody. So what else do I have to blame?

Our fast life had made letter writing a dying art, and by this time it would have died
But it did not happen, as you appeared as our guide.

You ensured that we are able to keep touch with one another, and our relationships remain alive
Hats off to you, Mr. E-mail, you are really an asset of the modern human life.

Ashraful Musaddeq 27 October 2008

An excellent poem with modern content. Added 10.

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