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Life is a teacher, which teaches how to live.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to laugh.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to make other people cry.

Health is our most precious wealth, I hope you agree
No doubt, health is the sweetest fruit of our life’s tree.

“A Free India” - That was your only passion

Thanks to your sacrifices, today we are an independent nation.

You are my bridge for keeping touch with everybody

Without you my life would simply have become completely shoddy.

'Colourful Personified! ' This is precisely what can be said
When one sees the natural beauties of India, so rich and varied.

It is here that you can see chilly mountains crowned with white snow

Jammu & Kashmir – where snow-white mountains are immersed into deep meditation from pre-historic times

Jammu & Kashmir – where mountain streams are flowing with sweet sounds, as if little children are reciting their nursery rhymes.

It is my most precious possession, my collection of books
It is my oxygen, no matter how much insignificant it looks.

Reading has been my most favourite habit, since when I was a kid

I start my morning every day with you
I taste you everyday, but still everyday I feel your taste to be brand new.

Whether it is your taste, your smell, your flavour

A diamond on the crown of Himalaya, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan
A piece of heaven on the earth, the beauty of which will fail any poet’s imagination.
A country that represents genuine peace and tranquility
A country that can teach what is meant by natural beauty.

Gurgling rivers and streams playing on the lap of White mountains

Lush green meadows, that look greener when drenched with rains.

It is you who turns a happy family into a stinking gutter
By creating an irreparable rift among brothers.

It is you, who turns siblings into warring enemies

There was a time when the letter would take days to reach the receiver
And there was always the tension that the letter would reach the destination never.

It was a time consuming communication method, and very uncertain as well

I might not have met you, and might not meet you in my entire life
But still you are my niece, and our relationship can be cut off by no knife.

You are the daughter of my sister, the one who has always been the apple of my eyes

I was returning to home after having a hard day at office, and was so terribly exhausted

I was so eager for the bath that I was supposed to have after reaching home, and get my energy boosted.

Ecotourism – A great way to use tourism for generating grassroots level employment

While also strengthening the conservation of the local culture, natural resources and environment.

I am a religious fanatic, because I do not respect any religion other than my own – Humanism.

I am not cosmopolitan, because I do not respect any community other than my own – Humanity.

I had not written any poem for long, when my friend told me that day

“Hey Raja, you have not written any poem for long. Very unfortunate, I would say.

“Be practical, otherwise you will never survive in this world, dear! ”
This is what my father keeps telling me, while I successfully pretend to hear.

This is a tough world, and I should not have too much emotion

Today I am completely deserted, and stand alone in the midst of a jungle
My condition is extremely bad, and anyday I am likely to crumble.

Calcutta - my dear hometown, and a city of art, culture and grace
Calcutta - the city that is famous for its gorgeous palaces.

Calcutta - the city of poets, litterateurs, painters, cinema giants and other cultural luminaries

Raja Basu Biography

I am working as Protocol Officer at the Office of the Resident Commissioner, Government of West Bengal, in New Delhi. I am responsible for attending the VIPs (the Hon'ble Chief Minister, His Excellency the Governor, the other ministers, etc.) from West Bengal during their visits to and stay in Delhi, like receiving/seeing off in the airport and escorting them during their visit to Union Ministers/other dignitaries or participation in seminars/conferences. While the work sometimes entails strong pressure and challenge, what keeps me driving is the opportunity to serve personalities from the field of public affairs and governance, the field that I have always been obsessed with. Though now settled in New Delhi, the national capital of India, I grew up in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta (now called Kolkata) . I am separated from my wife and staying with my parents. Anybody eager to contact me can do it through the following - Email: indus13@hotmail.com, rajabasu01@yahoo.com Mobile - 9871144382.)

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Life Is A Teacher

Life is a teacher, which teaches how to live.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to laugh.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to make other people cry.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to love.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to hate.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win honour.
Life is a teacher, which teaches how to embarrass others.
Indeed, life is a great teacher as it teaches everything.
And in this very greatness lies life's weakness, that it teaches everything.
It teaches how to love, but also teaches how to hate.
It teaches how to help, but also teaches how to harm.
It teaches how to honour (others) , but also teaches how to embarrass (others) .
It teaches how to laugh, but also teaches how to make other people cry.
Wish life were a bit selective in its teaching.
But can't we be a bit selective in taking lessons?

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Subhojit sanki 06 February 2018

Good poem

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md naved ansari 20 December 2017

Nice peom

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Tshering Tobgay 26 February 2009

Thank you, your poem reflected my country, i loved going through your poem, your poem speaks of my country, Bhutan.Thank you on behalf of all the Bhutanese.

3 4 Reply

Nice thought... Sure we can be selective in learnin from life! ! !

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