Friday, August 7, 2009

Have You Ever... (The Other Side Ii)

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Have you ever loved someone
Who left you for another?
Have you ever had the notion
That someone loved you and it wasn't so?
Have you ever been fed love deliberately
Just to poison your soul?
Have you ever been dizzied with an idiots ecstasy
And left by the sole provider?
Have you ever been hit by gentle bullets of tears?
Gentle bullets from your own eyes.
Because love slammed a door at your life
With the effect of a thunderclap
And the power of an earthquake?

Well, I have
And it felt like sugar that tasted bitter.

Amazingly, this is the side of the coin called love
Many don't take a flip look at.
So when you get that cheap but important gem,
Flip it and take thorough look
And might just come to see that;
Love is not so parallel to death.
Armed with the infinite power
To keep you buried as deep as forever
In the heartbreak cemetery,
You will become a living ghoul

I am
And now I know what it feels like
To walk about with one's soul in the grave.
Kobik William
Kelly Seago 14 August 2009
This was a real nice poem. It was very strong also.
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Marieta Maglas 12 August 2009
''I am And now I know what it feels like To walk about with one's soul in the grave.'' nice realistic metaphor, excellent poem.......10
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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 12 August 2009
The living dead.You've died, but not yet...........not yet.
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Ronell Warren Alman 11 August 2009
This writing will captivate many people. This is an excellent write! You get a 10 from me! Often when we are in love, or when we think that we are in love, we are blindsided by things that other people can see. We may not see it right away. As time continues, we start to see that dark side of that person whom we thought really loved us. That is when feelings are hurt deeply. People can be very deceptive right from the start. And yet, we tend not to see it right away.
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Obinna Eruchie 11 August 2009
Love may have its dark side, it depends on how one responds to it. It hurts, does not mean one has to choose to be weak because of that. Of course, it is a challenge, you have to face it to be strong, it is part of developing one's mind to be spritually strong. Being spiritually wounded may take time to heal, but one can still move on. The important thing is to remain in a sound mind, no matter what.
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Ted M 07 August 2009
Love has its effects, it can take you on a joy ride and a spin and at times things don't work out. Maybe because we concentrate only on the other person, than us.
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