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Hawwa Didi - Poem by Aminath Neena

The devil woman
They called her.
Lying on her side, her turbid eyes stared
At the speck of grey clouds
Hanging above the island
Once her paradise…..
But now
A vast desert of contemplation
Her sorrow as her blanket
From the cold winds of isolation
Her shivers yet prevalent
To the gradual loss of sensation

Gnawing at her wasted mass
Oh how they whispered
Behind her back
As the lesions
As volcanic emissions

A happy go lucky soul
Busy with the coconut husks
And the mangrove fields
With a twist of fate
It all began
One fateful day
When she burnt her hand
And felt no pain
The wind delivered the tale to the people
Then came the rash
From the sores the pus drooled
As she tried to conceal
Then came the cries
‘Burn her…
“Throw her into the sea…..
But nothing prepared her
For the reaction
Of wows broken
Freshly made with a license
In the presence of witnesses
Not out of love
But respect rather
To sacrifice her heart’s bud
Before it bloomed into flower
Who was she to blame now

This crippled hideous thing

Except the tears that crawl

Oh how she would embrace
The sweet folds
Of debonair death
As the hungry would devour a loaf
Her agony jubilant
A beauty faded by the cruelty
Of sickness and despair
Such, the autumn browns


No she didn’t want to see his glassy eyes
Worship her body once, they did
Staring through, unseen
As he brought her daily meal
For she knew
He would have rather
Preferred the loch ness monster

Closer and closer the sounds came
Until it stopped
Right in front of her
A warm breeze…….
Human breath….
A pulse
A heart
At last

“Come, let us go, my love”
A familiar voice
A seed buried deep in a nerve
Did she die?
An enigma of resurrection!
A touch on frozen skin
A spark of electricity within

Doors opened
Sun’s rays glimmered
Her eyes widened
To meet the twin wonders
Of first love
Crushed as the rose
Nipped in the bud
A sacrifice
For them who killed her soul
The blasphemy
Oh! The irony of it all
Then it struck….
A croak……
A whisper……

“WHY? ”
“………….Because, I LOVE YOU”

The most beautiful encryption
A testament
A sentiment
Used since the time of ancient sages

But for
It meant,

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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