Heart Hurt Poem by Jay Press

Heart Hurt

I want to smash what is inside of the mirror
but the mirror doesn''t open up
It just falls apart
Just like the walls of my heart

Rip open my chest
Ready to inject
But wait that poison you gave me it converts
It ain't Love it's Hurt

I thought compassion was flowing through my veins
but it was just your drug
I was so high up
but now i gotta come down off your love

It's a hard steep fall
its cold when you gotta kick the habit
I'm looking for my soul because its not in the mirror
I think you have it

Can i have it back?
Without your claws lodged in it

Withdrawal from you is like withdrawal from air
But now i'm learning you never cared

Keep away your toxin pain
to you it was just a game
On my part what a shame

Laying in the middle of 'Highway 2 your Heart'
Now i know that street is just a dark dead end
Woman don't ever come back again
Maybe one day this bleeding heart will mend

Teanisha Love 21 May 2008

this how i felt when my heart broke..** it hurt but i got over it finally

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