Succeed Poem by Jay Press


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Have you ever wanted to succeed more then anything
Have you ever tried so hard it felt like you should be king
Have you conquered anyone who stood in your path
Have you never looked back forgetting your past fiery wrath

Did you run down the silent roads in the middle of the night
Did you climb up the mountains hoping for a near land site
Did you hack through the thorns with only your heart
Did you dive off of a cliff almost torn apart

Then when you plunge to the ground like a bolder
You turn around realizing your life went colder and colder
When did it go so forward and make that big U turn
It seems all your loved ones are being damaged in your own burn

Everything is detonating you just want it to cease
Everything around you is the opposite of sheer peace
Everything has changed since you broke the glass
Everything close makes it so hard to pass

There's not a moment where the chaos ends
There's not a second when you don’t just want a friend
There's not a day that pass's by with any serenity
There's not a sunrise where your parents trust your identity

No one knows to where the path will lead
No one knows if it will bring you to victory or to concede
No one knows what you feel or what you truly desire
But really you just want to get through this endless war and retire


Quite a roller coaster as we spin through the rhymes, pushing this desire for success.

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Howard Johnson 31 October 2006

This is a great write to have so much rhyme-ing in it.Fun to read.

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