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Heart Of Fire - Poem by julie kops

She will swear to you an oath under heaven's sky
Bravely tell you she feels not a moment of loneliness
That she has an inner reserve of perfect strength
That will conquer any challenge, pass any test

She will sing to you of the light of the stars above
And tell you she understands the will of fate
That her indomitable spirit carries her ever along
That she stands firm in her beliefs, no room to hesitate

She will show you the gilded armor of her convictions
Tell you she has found her inner truths at last
That she has walked the paths of darkest night
Conquered the demons from her shadowed past

She will make you believe she has the answers
That she alone holds the key to her very destiny
She will dance there in the everlasting light
And say this is her gift, her souls finest legacy

But when the hour of midnight is close at hand
When she faces the emptiness of another darkest dream
If you look ever so closely, read between the lines
You can catch a glimpse of hope that is more than it seems

There is a fire that burns deep inside the angel's heart
That still yearns for a chance at much more than this
That still holds out for dances under starlit skies
That waits eternally for a courageous knights kiss

Don't believe all the fantasies she wears as though a cloak
She still burns for an angel to finally see her true
A gentle heart to take the time and listen beyond the words
To behold the beauty she hides ever from the world's view

She dances always to the song that the stars sing
And every once in awhile she remembers her desire
She smiles as she recalls the girl she used to know
And inside she burns forever in her heart of fire

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life, compassion, hope

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 18, 2015

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