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Oh Great Spirit inside of me
Help this lost soul find it's song
Let her feel your presence
She's danced alone for so very long

The gypsy dreams in amethyst
And dances under sapphire skies
If only just for a moments peace
Behind her weary eyes

I see an image of you
So clearly in my mind
The boy inside the man
Gentle and unrefined

I've shown you all the light in me
The dark and empty parts
I've sang to you my story
Shared the pain inscribed on this heart

sanity, you are so fragile
as the hummingbirds wing
a fine line do I walk
strange now the words I sing

Can you believe in this reality,
Are you sure of what you see,
Do you know where you are going,
Have you found your destiny?

She creeps lithely across the sand and stone
Silence the truest companion she's ever known
She becomes the creature she knew she'd be
And sets the eye of consciousness free

If you could see the angel's truest dreams
You'd know her gypsy heart dances on air
Through the storm that rages in her broken soul
She still holds tight to a beauty beyond compare

She speaks ever in silence
her words lost amongst the rush
of darkness bourne on heavy wings
the icy cold of madness touch

In her castle made of ice
on a lonely mountainside
an echo of forgotten hope
her dreams again denied

They wait there still in quiet calm
for the moment is almost here
Their fate now is forever bound
The warriors show no fear

In a land all but forgotten in time
She walks amongst the hallowed halls
The last of an honorable breed
Such bravery and joy her mind recalls

She will swear to you an oath under heaven's sky
Bravely tell you she feels not a moment of loneliness
That she has an inner reserve of perfect strength
That will conquer any challenge, pass any test

Behind the walls that she's built to encage her
Hidden beyond that smile she shows the world
There dances ever in reclusive shadow
The heart of this dreamer angel girl

How many battles have you braved dearest warrior
How many times have you fought for other's peace
Only to find your greatest fight of the heart
Would be to live with this body now diseased

Did you know dearest fallen angel
What the endless journey would cost
Did you truly understand the price
Did your soul foresee what it had lost


If you could see the truths inside this heart
They would vibrate endlessly in rainbow hues
If you could touch the place where my passion lies
You'd know I seek forever the key to my truths

Here at the end where twilight overtakes the sky
I consider all the moments that made up my story
As I watch the stars burn out and fall from grace
I am overwhelmed by their infinite glory

Through long love aching
Through despair, through dying
Through slow heart breaking
Through endless bitter crying

Under a misty romanian sky
Surrounded by her gypsy clan
She dreams of starry dances
And a shadow of a kind man

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A Prayer For Peace

Oh Great Spirit inside of me
Help this lost soul find it's song
Let her feel your presence
She's danced alone for so very long

Take these wings that long to fly
To the heart of heaven's grace
To see the spirits dance there
The visage of a godly face

Bless her path for it is hard
And she stumbles like a child
But her open heart beats ever true
Though it's dance may be wild

If earthly love be in the cards
Then pray deal her hand
If not then be a gentle peace
to carry her far from this land

I leave it to the Creators hands
They were ever more deft than I
And set my soul free at last
To adorn your starry sky

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