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Heart Of Stone - Poem by krishna pusham

It was indeed a starry night as I sat crying
Gazing at the heavens I asked, “ Why are
hearts not made of stone? ”
The answer came from within in a voice
much like my own,
With a gentle chuckle it asked, “ Why
should it be made of stone? ”
With fury I did answer a firm resolve in my
“ We shall feel no pain and sorrow not
anyone else ’s or our own. “
The voice within replied gently,
“ Be careful what you wish for as it is no
one ’ s funeral but your own. ”
“ Do you think I care for my life? Or for that
matter any others?
“ I have been wounded by my own loved
ones, by friend ’ s as close as brothers. ”
The voice within did not relent, “ Forgive
them all, they do repent. ”
“ While they repent it is I who is hurt, I feel
myself lying naked in the dirt. ”
“ You shall rise again and rise you will, with
a steady head and an iron will. ”
“ My will is gone, there is nothing left. As
long as I have a heart I will fail the
tests. ”
“ Your heart is your weapon, use it well, do
not be impatient only time will tell. ”
“ Time is a luxury I cannot afford, I have to
do something quick to lessen this load. ”
“ The load you speak of is a part of you, do
not run away to yourself be true. ”
“ The truth only brings pain and sorrow, I
cant live with it. Not today nor tomorrow. ”
“ What tomorrow brings, only God knows
best, survive tonight. This is your test. ”
The voice within was silenced for the
night, I fought back my tears I fought with
all my might.
“ Why me O God? ” I shouted in vain and
hung my head sadly, in sorrow and shame.
Then pure anger gripped me, and hatred in
my eyes shone.
“ I shall rid myself of all emotion; in my
view it ’ s the only notion. ”
I wiped the tears from my eyes and I
turned around to leave,
In front of my eyes, all my loved ones
stood, as real as they could be,
They saw the pain in my eyes, they saw
the turmoil and fear,
They saw with sad expressions as my eyes
filled up with tears,
I ran forward and hugged them all and
cried freely in their arms,
It was then my inner voice spoke again,
“ They never ever meant you harm. ”
I looked up at the heavens again and cried
with all my might,
As I lowered my gaze down again my loved
ones were nowhere in sight,
A question was raised from within, a touch
of humor in the voice,
“ Do you still think that a heart of stone
would be the wisest choice? ”
I walked into the dark night ahead and
although I cried alone,
Never again did I wish for a heart to be
made of stone.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Form: Acrostic

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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