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Heaven... - Poem by Rosmin Elsa Mohan

I looked in the mirror. Two eyes stared back. One was mine, the other…

It had been a long night, or did it seem so?

I recalled seeing angels dancing, and a light so bright. The heavenly aura that adorned heads and breaths alike. The faces forever seemed blurred behind the misty skies. Divine music filled the air. The insanity of time was no longer felt. It was never an easy ordeal to concentrate; to stray away in thoughts was Herculean though.

At first I thought I had seen a nightmare, but then the night never seemed to end. It felt as though I had traveled back to the beginning of time, the beginning of all things beautiful. The dawn of light which was reproduced by the Word? I think I had started to feel naked. But then the air seemed to chill and I felt wool on me. Was it about to rain? I thought of an oasis. In a moment, the picture became clear.

I was in heaven.

Things now changed. I remember seeing shadows that passed without fear. Some talked, but it was as though they nailed a different tongue. The shadows kept increasing until the light grew bright. Then I saw only white.

The filled air now smelled different. A smell which reminded me of flowers at first, then corpses. It kept on changing until I smelt my skin. For a fact I had nauseated, but sooner I forgot what I smelt.
Even science was in motion. I saw particles colliding and energy liberated. It was so dramatic. But to see energy being annihilated. Or was it developed from one? For a moment it seemed like all laws were violated here; or were they created? I wished I knew. The principles of conservation that were blabbered much in fat textbooks. I felt numb even in the electric air.

For I now knew.
I was in heaven.

I could see no sky; no ground, nor me.I wondered what I looked like to the other moving whites around me. Perhaps, they too had a different story. Neither the sky or grounds were barriers at this point of time, nor could have vacuum beat this pressure. My thoughts were fast revolving around an unseen force.

But then, I felt it.
I was in heaven.

It was now. Present.
What mattered now was all what I was.

Looking in the mirror, I saw two eyes staring back. The other now seemed familiar. I had seen those in intense light. The eye of time which reminded me of my role on this planet. The never ending search for utopia amidst a rat race with eyes so blind. Expectations that killed the ruins of the ruined. I looked out of my window. I saw fields bathed in green. The air I inhaled made me feel divine. Nature's miracles which gave me no second thoughts.

Here I was.
In Heaven.

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