Silence Poem by Rosmin Elsa Mohan


Rating: 3.6

I once dreamt of an open field,
The bareness of which alone did shield,
A shadow so frail, in a shadow as such
I thought as much.

I felt it again on my bed at night
Darkness; through which I saw the light
Silence - to feel; and to feel so weak,
Silence, I think I heard her speak.

The crowd through which I made my way,
Gave me a second to poise it through
Shouts around, though I felt them nay,
The Me within, in silence too.

The hours of solace so gifted in tune,
A language unworldly, (beyond the moon!)
To realize it though, you need the frame,
Simple at first, ’ Patience’ the name.

Foes though come, are conquered all.
In her skin, she does stand tall,
Naïve it is, but more a bridge
Vain and slain, together abridged.

As every dawn turns the key,
Feel her true for a minute or two:
The price of it, without much ado,
Reflects around in the eyes you see!

Rajendran Muthiah 10 January 2012

The price of silence is reflected well by the nice poem. Keeping silence she stands tall. a good piece of work to keep it in memory. Cheers!

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Vipins Puthooran 11 January 2012

When we light up the lamp of soul, When we need a shadow of solace, When we hear the whisper of soulSilence poured to our heart's sky))))))) Silence is palpableSilence is pleasurableSilence is like the glide of a feather in a gentle breezeSilence is like the melting of snow in a valleySilence is like the smoulder of embers into ash((((It's a great poem, I like it like a melodious song))))) Top marks! ! ! ! ! !

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Heyyou Boy 11 January 2012

Simply beautiful my words cant express the power of these words. One of the best poems i have read yet.

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Christopher Cruz 28 March 2012

great very inspiring

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Ekaterina M. Polischuk 28 March 2012

wonderful poem! bravo! it contains lots of inspiring words and wisdom

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2) you have a marvellous command over words " A language unworldly"… the language of silence.. loved it

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Profound. " I felt it again on my bed at night Darkness" reminded me of two lines by Poet-critique of renown, A R Rajaraja Varma: "Puralunnennu thonnundu irulinnamgakangalil"… meaning I feel as if the darkness is getting smeared on my body(skin) ..

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Dev Anand 04 September 2017

Darkness; through which I saw the light Silence - to feel; and to feel so weak, Silence, I think I heard her speak. The Me within, in silence too. personification of silence. this is beautiful. such personification can come only from a poetic heart. thank you dear poetess. dev

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Birgitta Abimbola Heikka 01 April 2014

Very nice poem. Enjoyed reading it but got confused in the 5th Stanza (last line) - Vain and slain, together abridged. You are referring to Silence and what? There is much power in silence.

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Prasanna Kumari 28 March 2014

the silence dancing in rhyme and rhythm is beautiful with unique and powerful expressions...

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