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I once dreamt of an open field,
The bareness of which alone did shield,
A shadow so frail, in a shadow as such

There were these times of my life, when things forever went wrong!



She never had been so easy to endure,
The hardest part of her, am not just sure.

''When loneliness becomes your forbidden partner,
and Trouble knocks and shoots up at the door,
of a heart about to crush and wither,
with sorrows built up over and more.

Streams that flow in ink and out
Rampant emotions to wilt yet sprout
The ode to being the root for change
In a world buried, so deadly estrange.

I loved candles. Now I know why.

The only sound I could hear was my own heart beat. The morning seemed no longer bright. For a fact, Room No.903, commonly known as the ICCU at AIIMS, had no windows. Morning and nights equally smelled of antiseptic. I had started to forget the smell of my skin. The needle that pierced the epidermal tissues offered no sensation after all. The insanity of the entire room as though reflected on me, as I had started to become a vegetable.

The main star of my story, rather the heroine is Tiffany. Tiffany was beautiful. When kids saw Tiffany, they would fight for her. When elders saw Tiffany, they were reminded of their kids, and when the youth saw Tiffany, it made them nostalgic. Yes! Tiffany was a beauty, but more than that, Tiffany was a tiffin box.

Life was forever easy for Tiffany. Right from the time, when the popular plastic company manufactured her, life was very exciting for her. It was very colourful too, as Tiffany had many friends all around her. The box shaped Boxer, the cylinder shaped Cindy and many others. But Tiffany stood out of them all. Now she was a unique shaped one. Well, she was heart shaped and obviously she knew how much it meant to all. Of course, the mortals would never buy the fact of a tiffin box having a heart, after all. But, Tiffany had one. A small cute heart, which now reflected all across her. She was all set when she was molded and cast into form, but most of all when she was coloured. Oh! she was coloured red, well now she would call that - ‘'heart Red'. She still remembers all those envious glances her 'girl' friends had given her, as she was loaded on to the truck to be placed in one of the biggest supermarkets in town. But, alas that was history!

I thought I was a son
My life, when had begun
I thought I was the one
When I knew I’d but won

The lonely blue kissed the sea
The sea herself bathed in blue
It seemed the blue kissed the blue
In the air, I felt it too.


On a speck a moment ticks
Across dials that decorate
Pinpoints of fate
Shadows move across fields in parts

I looked in the mirror. Two eyes stared back. One was mine, the other…

It had been a long night, or did it seem so?

The night seemed long
I wished I could fly
Back in time
Again to the beginning

I saw them fly high. Red, green, turquoise and in a rarest blend of living colours.

As a kid they were my best companions. I used to talk to them. They did answer too. Wordless conversations that grew stronger with the breeze.

The Why leads to the Why not
Answers to, desperately sought.
The nature, the source, the outcome
One's prejudice to sulk wholesome.

They cried, yet, without a tear,
They lived, yet, in profound fear,
They loved, you and me, so tenderly dear,

I light a candle for you
in faith.. in love
To fight this darkness
A ray of hope

The colors were always blue..
Prussian blue.
They dried on to the canvas in brooches of blue too..
Seemed strange

It was a long night
Contractions and suffocation
Facing both sides of hell
Labour - in her true shell

What's life if you get all that you desire?
What's life if it’s always just fun?
You need to but walk on a bed of thorns
And get but burnt under the scorching sun

Take away from me this realm of darkness
Take away from me this depth of pride
Take away from me the reeds of holy
Take away and away aside

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Scientist. Mother. Writer.)

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I once dreamt of an open field,
The bareness of which alone did shield,
A shadow so frail, in a shadow as such
I thought as much.

I felt it again on my bed at night
Darkness; through which I saw the light
Silence - to feel; and to feel so weak,
Silence, I think I heard her speak.

The crowd through which I made my way,
Gave me a second to poise it through
Shouts around, though I felt them nay,
The Me within, in silence too.

The hours of solace so gifted in tune,
A language unworldly, (beyond the moon!)
To realize it though, you need the frame,
Simple at first, ’ Patience’ the name.

Foes though come, are conquered all.
In her skin, she does stand tall,
Naïve it is, but more a bridge
Vain and slain, together abridged.

As every dawn turns the key,
Feel her true for a minute or two:
The price of it, without much ado,
Reflects around in the eyes you see!

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Vipins Puthooran 02 January 2012

******************************** ***Wish You A Glorious Year**** ********************************

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Kuttu Kuttuu 03 February 2014

dear Charles anthony, you are absolutely correct, she is got talent, i am proud that i am her best friend

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Kuttu Kuttuu 03 February 2014

yeeeeeeeeeeee.... vava valiya poet aakumbol kuttune marakkalle

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Charles Anthony Albert 29 March 2012

You have the gift of verse young lady. Keep writing, don't ever stop. Some day as I have, you will look back 50 years at the work you have written and accumulated and smile......If you think they are great, they are. I love your verse, and I say keep writing. Keep writing whenever you can. Keep a pen and pad in every room you stake, one in your purse, your car, and anywhere you go. (I take one to the pool in a plastic bag) ....You are blessed with talent. I said so, and you know it...God Bless you.....Charles Anthony Albert

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Anthony Foster 29 March 2012

To feel so good in you own skin, Helped by nature and the dark of the night, To feel part of nature is a glourious thing, And you have got ithis so right.

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Ellie- Daphne 29 March 2012

really moved by your words. isn't life pure magic - being able to be a poet and a scientist..............

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I love Physics- the more I learn, the more I'm confused. But that's what it's all about!

You have 'Ignited our minds' and equipped us with 'Wings of fire' to fight this rat race with an 'Indomitable spirit', keeping alive the 'Spirit of India!

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