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Heavenly Father - Why?

Heavenly Father, you died for us and we ask why? As God's earthly Son and He passed you by. As a Christian, we accept our teachings of you and I try; I pray and find it difficult at times to do. You put us to such tests - so hard to define. God, you continue taking from me - what is mine!

Why do I question? Why do I wonder why? Ones I loved the most-then to die. You have in your inordinate plan a reason for every Woman and Man. But I hurt and ache and I pray; not receiving a sign - an answer this day!

Please show me your way - some light; I'm so frightened this very night. Is your design to test our strength? And show us what life has meant? That we haven't done our share and you take away those for whom we care?

Why, I ask, as I write; Please dear God - restore to me my fight. Reestablish and give to me your presence, as it used to be. Don't let my faith go asunder; I question so much and I wonder!

Your wondrous creation - our life; and our heartaches and all of our strife; Is your Plan to test us all? Oh Heavenly Father - don't let me fall. I pray so much and just try to be what you want me to be.

And yet I question why? Just to do and then to die? Are we yet prepared to enter in the heavenly Gardens where we begin a better life; One with you. Please show me what you want me to do?
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