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Hello My Friend My Brother: - Poem by Debbi Storms

I first saw you sitting there,
you gained my respect,
right then and there,
you were so strong,
so independent and so self assured.
Your eyes looked through me
like cold steel slicing into my soul,
But I was dismissed as quickly
and your thoughts went back to your
bros and your lady.
I watched you for a long time,
and learned to see
how you were with people.
I still see that today
when you deal with people on the net.
A strength not many have.
I also have seen the pain,
and the hurt that your life has delt you over these years,
and I see the confident strong man loosing his pride
in himself and this makes me sad.
Many brothers have fallen down into many types of death
over the years,
some to death and some to injury,
no one looks at that as they raise the flags
and ride the roads of hell,
just the ones who watch the young soldiers
fightening there way to the top of the ranks desperate
for the respect that the older soldiers have already earned.
I say soldier or warrior
because it is a war,
a battle more powerful then a normal human
being can fathom.
When you have gained the respect and the
understanding of your brothers then you
become truley free.
You have done this.
But with this freedom you have paid
a price a price of your life!
As you stand with all the pieces of your life around
you it is now that you truley have to learn how to live.
It is now that you see what
has passed behind you,
the victoies and the losses!
How to pick yourself up from
all that has brought you to this place is one
of the tuffest battles a soldier can face.
To find that place for yourself,
to know what is right for you not the brotherhood,
this will be and is your worst nightmare and the
worst nightmare off all warriors, for without a
true battle one feels no purpose.
No one can fix the battle,
no one has a guide book,
no one can choose but you!
No brothers stand beside you,
no powerful motor purrs
between your thighs,
no banners are raisd,
no vest is upon your back,
you stand alone,
and you stand with dignity,
for all that you have accomplished.
Unfortunately you are blinded by loss,
you see only what you have lost,
not what you have gained.
Look at what you have gained my friend,
look at the fact that you are alive,
and with your life you give back to your bros the
ideal that there is hope in
all that they are trying to do.
You dont need anyone to lead you,
or tell you what to do,
you are one of the strongest men
I have ever had the pleasure to call my friend,
and brother.
Be proud, stand tall!

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 16, 2006

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