Rookie (1990/07/20 / BOTSWANA MOCHUDI)

Her, Beauty And Them - Poem by KUTLWANO SONJI NOBLE ONE NKWE

She is a fair that makes nymphs stare and go extra dike
Expiating their fantasies on Adam’s likeness since her beauty stuns
Women cry at the rate of adultery men are fighting temptation and the like
All this birthed by evil that had engulfed everything into one
Beauty is evil and tempting so she always wears her tempting gown
Eyes fixed at her alone monopoly of conflict in succession
Peace is scarce like precious stones when hatred hovers around
A cloud of temptation invades the sky
And sunshine gives rays to those who succeeded their try
Families break like clay pots which were once sworn to be tied on knots
Like blood in exile clots, so it is with those who clustered under trees at night
Love in the air but now she came everything lost its name
Its identity, where it was core found
She is a dame pursued by perpetual sound
You are eyes food, you are the delight
You give feelings dormant the magic to sprout and have their flight
I love you and want you in my life is the phrase she hears most
She tends to be receptive or close
Since it is not everyone who at the end enjoys the toast
Tradition expired as she fired the spell of possessing the best
To all the young, old, Eve, Adam and the rest
Truly beauty is evil for it is the temptation spindle
The whole city has fallen
Who can leave the opportunity vividly golden?
Once wise men said beauty is fleeting
She said she possesses eternity
Luck to all desire bleeding
For they are slaves to uncertainty
Only strong charms draw her attention
Where she lets others to give glory to her idol
Her beauty itself, the mastery of perfection
Completeness to all
Though the world gave birth to proverbs
Sayings, laws, guidelines to people of her nature
She claims her beauty is one of the verbs
For it is always on action, excused failure
She exaggerates beauty
Or she is beauty exaggerated
More than known and perceived in reality
Since the realness of reality is eradicated
Now we understand why
Everywhere there is a cry
Strange is a stranger
So she gets stranger strange attention
Beautiful she is she gets beauty response
Her, beauty and them
Who is alleged to finger pointing?
Who is to condemn
Who is blessed with the spirit walker anointing
Her pride is beauty and beauty boasts to have such a habitat
Them faithfully they bow in respect to beauty sperm
For such a seed even a pope would like to have a share in that
The truth is hers is evil which spreads like a germ
And the diagnosed have no remedy
So they sing this elegy
Crystal clear, it is here and it will never disappear

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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