Russell Crow

Silver Star - 3,325 Points (May 25th,1995)

Her Name Starts With 'M' - Poem by Russell Crow

Who are you
Determined, fun loving, beautiful
You are strong willed
and I can never bear to see you give up
I have one thing to say to life
I apologize but it boils under my skin
to witness a woman who has done everything she could
to survive and protect the ones she loves
be stabbed in the heart by betrayal
from a heartless twisted sergeant of evil forces
taking the name of her husband
steal her heart from chest
create a little locket as gift
to give to someone else and call it his
I got news for him too
A godly person she has become
or has always been
it's something I can respect
it's something I can stand behind
but the Christian faith still puzzles me
I guess that's one thing I've never had
for they say God will never throw anything at you
that you can't take and coop with
yet he's thrown so many stones at her glass house
still I must admit I have rarely seen her smile fade
even if it fades, she can borrow mine
I smile enough for ten suns whenever I see her
like a five year old boy
smiles and stares at his first girl friend
just a tad cute but a bit embarrassing
I could go on and on with flattering compliments
but she has already heard most flow from my tongue
so here I say words of encouragement
words I have never said
so she will never give up
so when it hits Sunday
she'll have everything to gain and nothing to lose
'I believe in you
I trust in you
I have the faith in you like you have faith in religion
to always pull through
You've been through so much
and you've came out alive everytime
I could always say hold your head up to the clouds
whisper a prayer for prosperity
whisper a prayer for protection
but I've been beaten to the punch
Not a pun for I know all the punches you've taken
taken to the heart
and I know how painstakingly painful it is
but I also know a handful of people who will help repair it
For you have two handfuls of people who love and care for you
and like I said to you today
when I was slightly drowsy and ever foolish
You have always been there for me
so I am always here for you'
Will she take these words to heart
I can only hope so
but she has faith and a strong will
She'll survive and come out alive
I trust in her like she trusts in God
so in that regard I'll say a quick prayer for her
so she'll make it through alright

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