Here I Am' Poem by Sumira Sarai

Here I Am'

Here I am in my existence….
Im to deep I can’t reach….
Sooo many thoughts….
I can not, hope to keep up…..
As The Moon Arises….
My Words Have Begun! ! ! ! ! ! !

Im wise beyond my years…..
A gift & a curse’
My Words Are The Reason’
That I Walketh This Earth’

For they simply are simply….
The roots to the tree….
A tree of existence’
That blows with the wind’
And touch’s every color’
Of the human skin’

Here I Am In My Solace…
And I Somewhat Feel Whole’

Most of my life….
Was lost & unknown.

I Am Every Color……
Of The Human Skin….
I A Rock & I A Roll! ! !
Away With The Wind! ! !

My mother is white,
My father is black,

Here I am, Im biracial! ! !
Sooo judge me for that’

For skin is only….
A color & a tone.
That divides this world,
From love,
And being sooo whole…

Here I am…. To the racist’
Who hate me sooo much’
I forgive you for….
Your much hateful ways’
Judge & ye shall be judged! ! !
I sayeth unto you! ! ! !

Ignorance Is Not Bliss! ! ! ! !
It’s A Curse To Mankind! ! ! !
No Matter What Color You Are! ! ! !
Your Soul Can Not Hide! ! ! ! !
Can You Hear The Words? ? ? ?
That Spur’
From My Spirit Inside! ! ! !

Here I am in,
The black of the night’
As morning arises’
The white clouds they a move’

As Coldness Slips Away…..
The Light Shines Thru’

Here I am, In’
This dangerous world,
But I worry not!
I shall not shake! ! ! !
At the thought of my end! ! !
I am to broken to break! ! ! !

Here I am’
Mark my words as I speak’

I Shall Defeat Death! ! ! !
With My Last Dieing Breath! ! ! !
And Kill It Indeed! ! ! !
Body Or Not! ! ! !
My Words Shall Fly Free! ! ! ! !

Here I am….
And My Soul….
Is An Intricate Lace……

It fumbles & flows…..
But it glisens sooo smooth….
 And it shines past the time

The sun pays its dues’
Here I am in December…..
I sayeth unto you’
……I Await For This Winter……
! ! ! ! ! To Fulfill My Dreams! ! ! ! !
! ! ! ! ! ! To Evoke My Talent! ! ! ! ! !
! ! To Quite The Screams! !

My words they twist faster….
Than A Tornado Robust….
Here I am….
To reveal….
My soul to you, is a must……………..

When happiness is sought! ! ! !
It can never be found! ! ! ! !
Before within all silence.
It is a sound.
That cracks like thunder! ! !
Of the sky falling down! ! ! !

Tomorrow Never Comes….
Yesterday Has Passed….

Onli Today’s Reality’
Is All That Will Last’

Today Is Now.
Today Is Real.

Some Do As They Believe.
And….Others Do As They Feel.
You see…..
In This World’
You Must Chose,
Between Fake & Real’
Sooo Go Pick Your Side,
I Already Kno How I Feel’

Here I Am,
On The Side’
Of The Truth & The Real’

Sumira Sarai

Sumira Sarai

Inkster, Michigan
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