I Am My Words & My Words Are Me' Poem by Sumira Sarai

I Am My Words & My Words Are Me'

In observation…..
My thoughts….
Go with the waves….
Like the tides in the ocean,
They a sooth & a flow’
I can write in the dark….
When the lights are all out….
I can write with my eyes closed.
And that is no doubt….
I can write.
As easily….
As you breathe…..
For I am my words
And my words are me
Within my words…..
I drown in sooo deep…..
But im still alive’
I survived’
And I will! ! !
Rise in success….
For God gave me my words.
And God is the best.
I a flow like the seas
And my words run very wild’
To the dream killers, I nothing.
As I just set to smile’
My words they simply ….
Have no reigns’
No restrictions to be seen’
And they go on for days’
My words are like….
A pink colored sky….
In the middle….
Of a pitch black night.
My words are like epidemics’
For they arise in full form’
My words sparkle more’
Than diamonds galore’
My words are like daggers’
For they a cut & a slice’
Watch my words sizzle’
A stir & a chop’
My words can break open…..
A steal pad lock……
Watch Me Dice Up This Poetry…
And Slice It In Half…..
Rip It Into Pieces…..
And Then Put It Right Back’
Im preparing to take the writing game on….
By a full power & force
With no degrees shown.
I have a pure….
Talent & force.
My words are sooo strong….
They can turn the arctic into flames….
They can make hell freeze over….
5 times or more. In just 1 day.
Like the Mona Lisa,
Their artwork in fact
My words are like darts
And they snap right back
Like a boomerang’
They glide with a smash’
They duck & they dip….
They Whisper…But Scream…….
They dash & they dart’
Like a commit indeed’
They fumble backwards
While they move forward with speed
My Words Are My Words.
My Words Are Me.

Sumira Sarai

Sumira Sarai

Inkster, Michigan
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