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Hidden Pain - Poem by Elle Jay E..

Do you get your kicks from calling me names.
Does it make you feel good to make me feel shame.
I dont talk alot, but when I do.
I get shut down and yelled at too.
I sit there and wonder what I did wrong.
I barely even talk all day long.
I try so hard not to mess up everything.
But something goes wrong and we end up enemies.
You sit with your sour face ready to snap.
Like a dog in an alley whos hungry and cant.
Find enough food for itself let alone.
It seems they all hate me.
Im all alone.
I wonder what would happen if I fall.
Down to the ground with a bullet in my head.
Just like a soldier fighting for the dead.
Would anyone cry.
Would they feel bad at all.
Right now you act like you're so tall.
Tall and mighty is what you think you are.
But weak and meak inside you're a geek.
Feels bad himself, so you gotta let me down.
By giving me a dirty look then pushing me around town.
Would you blame yourself if I suddenly have to go.
Would you cry since I never let it show.
Would you carry on cause im stronger than you inside.
Since I dont hurt other people for whats going on in my life.
Does anyone care at all.
I have no where left to fall.
But six feet under in the ground.
Where I cant even hear a sound.
Of you anymore.
Or school anymore.
Or life torn apart anymore.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

At least when I had school. I felt lonely-but not as lonely as I do now. where theirs no one here to ignore me.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poem Edited: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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