Whats Up? Poem by Elle Jay E..

Whats Up?

Whats up with all the hate
why do we all degreate
whats up with the nazi signs on the desks
Why did you draw those when you know what they dealt
when you know the words to why cant we be friends
but you spit out a racist slur
whats up with the hate when you dont know them
what are you so scared of
why does it have to be like this
living in the same world were all the same right?
try telling that to the basketball star
the druggies thats us were just trying to fit in
the emos they're just trying to get under the skin
the stereotypes will rip you apart
I wish we could all just be friends
And no hearts would have to mend
the skin color doesnt show
we all wear the same clothes....
Why does it have to be this way
why do they draw the nazi signs
why do they write explicit lines
why do we hate each other so much
why cant we all just get rid of lust

Babatunde Aremu 25 April 2013

Nice poem. Very thought provoking. This is in line with my recent poem: I AM Colour Blind. Do read and comment

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Gajanan Mishra 25 April 2013

why do we hate each other, good poem.

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