Hidden Pearls Poem by Ghazala Lari

Hidden Pearls

The words that lie in books, dormant and still,
Their essence concealed, purpose to fulfill,
Unread and untouched, their meanings unclear,
What good are they, if never brought near?

Sentiments penned within those precious pages,
Unexplored by human eyes, locked in cages,
Gems of emotion hidden, yet to be found,
Yearning for understanding, waiting to astound.

Feelings expressed in poems, longing to be heard,
But no one heeds their call, not a single word,
Blocked by the ink marks, like shadows they stay,
What good are they, if kept at bay?

Scattered like pearls, these words hold their place,
In historical records, tales of time and space,
Stories of wars, of kings and brave knight,
Yet untouched by souls, left out of sight.

What good are they, these unexplored treasures,
If no one dares to read, to seek their pleasures?
Let us awaken these words, breathe life into the ink,
Within their depths lies wisdom, waiting to make us think.

Let us dive into their depths, with reverence and care,
Unravel their mysteries, their stories to share,
For within these silent pages, the universe unfolds,
And in them we find solace, as our minds they mold.

So lift these dust-covered books, with love and respect,
And with each turn of a page, hidden pearls we collect,
For the words that lie in books, their worth hold,
Only through reading, their true value be told.

Explanation of the above poem

The poem seems to be encouraging readers to engage with written works, particularly those that have not yet been explored or understood. The comparison between words in books and precious gems suggests that there is value and beauty in these works, and that it is worthwhile to make an effort to uncover their meanings.

The poet emphasizes the importance of reading and understanding these words, as they can provide insight, wisdom, and solace. The line 'For within these silent pages, the universe unfolds' implies that the universe of knowledge and human experience is contained within books, and that by reading them, we can expand our understanding of the world.

Furthermore, the poem highlights the fact that these works are not just historical records or sources of information, but also expressions of human emotion and creativity. By exploring these feelings and sentiments expressed in writing, we can connect with the authors and with other people who have experienced similar emotions.

In summary, the poem argues that there is great value in reading and engaging with written works, particularly those that have not yet been fully explored. It encourages readers to dive into the depths of these texts, seeking wisdom, solace, and understanding, and to share their discoveries with others.


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