Life Is A Test Poem by Ghazala Lari

Life Is A Test

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In this life, a test we face,
Of faith, a trial, in every place.
Who believes, who won't, we shall see,
In Allah, the Almighty, our plea.

He created the heavens and the earth,
Fashioned us from dust, gave us birth.
The sun, moon, and stars in the sky,
A universe vast, where our souls shall fly.

A test of knowledge, we must endure,
To seek the truth, to be secure.
Religion and world, intertwined,
Will shape our fate, our hearts aligned.

The power we attain, a test of might,
To set up order, to shine the light.
Or misuse it, oppress our kind,
Revealing the darkness within our mind.

Wealth, a test, in poverty we call,
To the Almighty, we surrender all.
Luxuries tempt, greed takes its toll,
Our choices shape our eternal soul.

Every blessing bestowed upon our way,
Is a test, a trial, come what may.
Parents, children, spouse, and more,
Divine examinations we can't ignore.

No one is spared from this examination,
A test for all, without hesitation.
The poor, the wealthy, the sick, and the sound,
Each faced with trials, their strength profound.

Some may deny this truth so clear,
But their papers hold what they hold dear.
Rewards or punishment, as they deserve,
Judgment day, their fate observed.

No one is tested beyond their might,
The Creator knows, in His infinite sight.
Our papers, our tests, we must submit,
When our time is up, our fate befit.

This life, a test, for all to see,
A chance to prove our loyalty.
To Allah, the Almighty, we pray,
To guide us through this test, each day.


Life is (an unending) test, is what the Indian philosophy of the yore says. " No one is spared from this examination" good

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