High Thinking...2... Poem by RAY OF LOVELY LOVE

High Thinking...2...

Existence of God is much interesting!
Then what's about my existence?
A baby when in the mother's womb,
Who questions him about mother's existence?
He lies on the dark Cell,
What he knows of that cell?
So, he cannot give the real IDEA of Mother's existence!
It is easy to say whom I don't see, he is nonexistent!
A human has same feeling!
He is living in the REALM of GOD as a fetus lives in the womb of mother!
God's Cell is our EARTH!
How can I prove his existence whose womb is my abode?
And some stupids may say in whose womb I LIE in, he is NONEXISTENT!
It means I have no existence!
An overall stupid!
Saintly saying is, 'Know Thyself then You can Guess Your Creator's Existence'!

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