High Thinking.....1..... Poem by RAY OF LOVELY LOVE

High Thinking.....1.....

Our way of life is thorny!
Our small life is surrounded by varieties of thorns!
Patiently life is in advanced form!
Those who lead patiently life, easily get creator's blessings!
Thorns are here and there and, in your working places too!
And even if you go to worship; there are walls of thorns there too!
So wise saying runs as'Duniya/Life is the Farm of Akhirat/Hereafter! '
And it should be properly cultivated with patience to make good harvests!
You get two phases of crops; one for life's fuel and the other for Capital of hereafter!
Wise people takes a middle path; both life and hereafter!
It is hard to keep both in running tolerating thorns of life!
This life is running in the midst of thorns; for all too!
Those who are new in life's stage can remember the meaning of thorns?
What this poem ask panjeri? ?
'তুমি মাস্তুলে
আমি দাড় টানি ভুলে
অসীম কুয়াশায় শুননতা ঘেরি
রাত পোহাবার কতো দেরি? '

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