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Rookie (in that biue planet......that called earth / within the time of the sad creation)

Hijazi Stethoscopic Tone - Poem by AbdelAziz Alhaider

Are all nights those surprised us are the strange?
Are all ways those we digging are no things more than illusions and worms nestle in the wound?
Are all treasures of-pearl and ruby of heart... of the brazier's essence of the spirit?
Not more than the stones lying on the path of from falling? ?
Our lost are those steps watchful us and the passion, as they said from the oldest of the old burns lovers
And we burned... but still not be irrigated from the wound of the nights... and not be deterred from hardened Daggers
Which we draw from there blades sugars or flowers
We delude ourselves that we are the witness and the martyrs

We delude the palm holding water
That that eyes burst out for us
But we are the Illusionist
The steps does not lead.... and the end in the most beautiful trip of a lifetime for the unwary
Peace... peace on the unwaries
Eyes staring, and then seeing...
Then apply in the illusion.... in fear that inclines by shadow
And shadow tired them all these years
O immorality years
Write our history with blood and tears
And leave our bodies naked in the deserts of exile
And hunger.... and nibbling by the myths and impossible
O for the years..............

Baghdad 2010

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, July 10, 2010

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