Korey Mcgee

Hippity Hop..Just Fun - Poem by Korey Mcgee

I reach to the depths of your soul,
seeking to change, but never take control..
I'm like a modern day Nostradamus,
secretly writing my own promise..
It's not ready yet, but I would bet,
when the world is ready to see, it will bring all to their knee..
I am boundless, crossing the sands of time,
although constantly struggling to find my mind...
Nobody is ready for this quite yet, but my mind is like a fishnet,
swallowing ppl whole, revealing the universes glorious peephole..
And im just speaking my mind, We are all transient beings, almost divine..
But we need to change our ways, were lost in a haize,
Mankind is far greater than what it seems,
But right now we are in a state, of constant self-enduced morpheme..
We are obsessed with materialization, dont loose me in translation,
Listen closely, my words can cause a migration..
I can give my helping hand, to help us stand,
but all must walk on their own, establish their own throne,
be their own Kings, know what I mean?
I feel as if, Ive lost all control,
spiriling into an unknown rabbit hole..
But through the spaces of time, you will find,
that what you see, may not always be,
an what you thought..maybe not..
It's hard to believe, but you have been decieved,
Fear not, I have the power to make you feel relieved,
Please don't grieve..I know, It's hard to swallow,
but life is short, come join my follow...
All have the power to Succeed, but only “Believe”,
and we will never Achieve, what it is, I wish for us to Percieve..
One day I will take you on a flight of Nirvana,
expose to you, the inner- connection of man, flaura and fauna..
And please ladies and gentlement, never forget,
Life is sometimes a game of Russian roulette..
So remember your pride, and never hide..
For man without ambition, is livin and only wishin..
In the game of life, promise to avoid strife,
that the first rule, if we wish to play nice..
Understand me now? I seek to endow,
you with this vow, allow you to see somehow..
I'm like an opt-ic-al illusion, almost un-human..
I feel his hand on my mind, everytime I write to mankind..
In attempting to reveal life's treasure, all must measure,
between life and death, we are the breath..
so listen now, because like the Tao,
earnest and ambitious, I spread truth,
like my time here, is almost finished...
Sketching the walls of imagination, my words could raise a nation...
I create depictions, ancient, precious like the egyptions...
I'm like a clean stream headed for the Ocean,
seeking to teach through spiritual motion..
But I can also be dark, unfortunately always leaving my trademark..
but Ive promised to embark on a life of gain,
My words will no longer hurt or cause anyone pain..
I shall use my gift, to uplift, all those around me,
quite and swift...
Hear me now, I make this claim,
I shall shed the spark, that will light everyone's flame..
Peace and Love, like a Dove, wishin to leave this Earth, seeking a REBIRTH...

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  • (4/26/2010 2:19:00 PM)

    this was a very og poem but it was really good =] (Report) Reply

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