His Church Can Rise Up Poem by Bob Gotti

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Bob Gotti

New Jersey

His Church Can Rise Up

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Today The Church can rise above, through God’s power and His Love.
She can rise up to the task at hand, and for The Lord can take a stand.
My friend, even in the darkest nights, we can rise up to greater heights.
For we can rise up in Christ’s Victory, as we march forward to Eternity.

Jesus Christ will build His Church, and build it upon The Savior’s worth.
She’s not built upon an earthly frame, but built upon Her Savior’s Name.
Jesus Christ the very Cornerstone, guides His Church from His Throne.
For His Church, Jesus Christ alone, is her foundation and the capstone.

He’s the Groom and we’re the Bride, and His Church will not be denied.
He’s creating a Holy Priesthood friend, of whose service will never end.
We my friends are the living stones, bought and placed by Christ alone,
We’re being built into a spiritual house, by the Church’s Eternal Spouse.

Even though darkened forces rail, the gates of Hades shall not prevail.
Christ’s Victory we can proclaim, through the power of His Holy Name.
We need to rise up above the night, and lift up high Christ’s Holy Light.
We can rise above every situation, and point the world to His salvation.

Very soon The Church will surly rise, to meet The Savior up in the skies,
Dear friend Satan is the defeated foe, and this we need to let men know.
So we need to rise up and tell all men, that Satan is the one condemned,
And when they join The Church of Christ, they too shall gain Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

Joe Breunig 28 April 2006

Very enjoyable write; well written with a great message.

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Andrew Philips 27 April 2006

In terms of content: powerful. I can't help but feel the same way about the situation. What always gets me though is, yes, the Bible is interprative, but, it can only be One Truth. With all of the different sects of the Church co-existing, if I was a newcomer to Christ, I would have a hard time choosing which one to follow. ...What I'm trying to say is I agree with your poem, but right now, is it really the Church, or just churches? Regarding the writing, I liked the internal rhyme as opposed to breaking up the line. Most of your rhymes weren't forced, but it only takes one forced rhyme to throw off a piece and I felt that 'Jesus Christ the very Cornerstone, guides His Church from His Throne. For His Church, Jesus Christ alone, is her foundation and the capstone.' threw off the poem in terms of the repition of 'stone' which subliminally gets picked up and the awkwardness of 'alone' to 'capstone' took me out of what is a very compelling first stanza. Besides that a top-notch piece! Hoping you'll keep inspiring us to be who God has called us to be, Justin Filizola

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1482 / 900

Bob Gotti

New Jersey
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