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= His Lust For A Woman = - Poem by Connie Smith aka stargazer
= His Lust For A Woman =
Written By: Connie R. Smith

The love of his life
ripped out his heart -
after he followed her to
the gates of hell.
Vowing to share her sorrow
and pain, for it was something
he knew so well...


He pledged to follow her
until the end of time.
To keep her safe from the
demons that tortured her soul
and toyed with her mind...


Swirling around in a
bottomless pit.
A horrid stench of burning
souls - A bottomless pit
so black and cold.


Slime on every side -
blood flowing through his soul threatening to drown him
in his own lust and longing.


He was there for her to
fill the void - to love her
as no one ever had.
She chose to listen to others
she cast him aside - after he
announced to the world of his
undying love for her...


He became such an embarrassment
and abomination in her eyes.
Then she rose up in all her
majestic beauty - healed and
made whole by her abandonment of him.


Leaving him to face death
alone - without any hope of
finding salvation.
The clock was ticking -
time ran out.
A sword plunged into his chest
he would die without her love.


Her voice gradually vanished
from his tormented soul.
Alone he must face the demons.
All for 'His Lust Of A Woman'
who's heart was made of stone...

© 2011 Connie R. Smith (All rights reserved)

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