Karen Eisenlord

Hitchhiking With The Devil - Poem by Karen Eisenlord

A lone hitchhiker,
I travel this road
Hoping to find my way
Through this maze, back home.

For I am lost
In the dark of the night,
Will my soul be the cost
Through all of this strife?

I am sitting at a bus stop,
A car pulls up in front of me;
His face dark, eyes I cannot see-
A shadow is all he seems to be.

“Don’t you remember me? ” he wheezes,
As I try to ignore him and look the other way.
“We met on the school-yard bleachers;
I always wanted you to stay and play.”

“No, ” I say, looking at faceless features,
“We have never met anywhere before.”
He looks like a hideous creature,
As I walk away, he spoke no more.

I hear him drive away into the distance,
Then I come back to the bus stop, most hesitant.
It doesn't take long for another car to arrive;
A strange man with a hat covering his eyes.

“I am your friend, ” he says. “Come with me;
A ride is what you are waiting for, I see.'
Deep inside I feel this is the Devil after me,
I firmly tell him, “NO! ” and ask him to leave.

After he is long gone, a third car comes by;
I recognize the man, a neighbor, this time.
Thinking it is safe, I get into his car;
I realize my mistake before we get very far.

Insidious eyes look at me, provoking my fear;
A sardonic voice tells me he finally will win.
“I have been after you for a long time my dear.
Don’t you remember me? ” he says with a grin.

I try to scream, but no sound will come out;
The car door locks, and the windows close.
I am strapped in and I cannot move about;
I try to escape, but my entire body froze.

“Finally I have you, ” he fiendishly yells;
Don’t you know I have always been your friend? ”
For I am the Old Devil, your Forever Fellow.
I will be with you till the end; welcome to Hell! ”

Quatrains in alternating rhyme.

Topic(s) of this poem: dark

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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