Njousi Abang

Homo Sapiens - Poem by Njousi Abang

How wise is man?
And how did he come by such
An appellation when he is who
He portrays himself to be?

Man the homo sapien
Is really wise indeed
When he sets traps to catch
His prey, he stands out as best
As best can be and when he sets out
To conquer the weak, he excels
In a way that his excellence stands out
When he wants anything under the sun
There is nothing that can stop him.
Homo sapien is really man the conqueror.

But do you know that homo sapien
Cannot hunt wild animals without
The dogs that sniff and trace the game
In all the nooks and crannies of the jungle?
Do you know that homo sapien unleashes
So much pain on his fellow humanbeing
And even destroys the very boat
On which he is sailing on the high seas?
Do you know that he unreasonably grabs
Much more than he reasonably can handle.
Do you know that the more he gets
The more he wants and craves for more.

Even wild animals in the jungle
Protect their kind and care for their young ones.
They believe in interdependency
And the unity of nature and God
They are not hypocritical
They mind their business
As they strive to live within
Their means and tap from
Mother Nature just as much
As they need to be able to stay alive

How wise is homo sapien
When animals escape a tsunami
But mankind perishes in it?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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