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Meghan - 15 July 2006

I love your poetry, it's kind of spiritual and I like the fact that you write about your values and question why some things are wrong in this world. I don't really know how to explain how I see it...but anyway keep up the great job! Look forward to reading more. Meghan

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You are doing a great job Preeti, keep writing good poetry for us.

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Otteri Selvakumar 03 January 2006

Write...write...Your great full hands with newley world...

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Lourdes Brubeck 07 September 2018

I love your way of telling simple things and feelings in such a beautiful way

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Amber Raul 04 February 2008

ohh how do u come up with these poems.you are a good writter

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Jerry Hughes 10 June 2007

It's a joy finding a writer like Preeti, this young lady has a wealth of talant...

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Catastrophe King 19 August 2006

This Poet is one of the most prolific poetry readers herself that I have come across in PoemHunter.com; she has read so many poets and I have seen her comments almost every where. She herself is a very talented poet with lot of imagination and thoughts. She is a creator.

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Arti Chopra 14 August 2006

a smile that reached your eyes, a smile that told no lies, when the time spent together had gone, it was your smile that lingered on.. ... that was a very moving and apt poem, ..beautiful and simply put...well done Preeti

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The Best Poem Of .Pd. is here


Have you ever wondered what friendship is?
Friendship is a strong thread,
Which can never be broken.

Friendship is everlasting,
And can only be destroyed
When death comes by.

Friendship is like a delicate leaf,
Which once destroyed
Can never be got again.

It is a thing which connects,
Two human souls,
With a bond of love.

Friendship is unbreakable,
It strengthens with
Love, affection and care.
It is the greatest GIFT OF GOD FOR MANKIND.

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.Pd. is here Popularity

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