Jonathan Villegas

How I Feal About You - Poem by Jonathan Villegas

The way i feal... I feal Love for you. every time Im near you, my pasion for you is greater.What would you call love... Who do you love.... I Love you, but you don't love me.I sufer, sufer of not being avle to call you my love. To hold you in my arms. To give you all the possible love i can give you. Might this be pasion that i have for you or is it the true love i have for you. At times i forget about you, I feal like I am someone else. That i dont now you and that I dont love you, but when I see you again.... my heart get weaker. I feal the urge to cry. To cry.... cry of your beautifull lips, your gorgeous eyes, and your beautiful body.I will cry.. cry of not being able to kiss your lips, cry cry of not being the one that looks you in the eyes and tell you straight from the heart how much he loves you.Not being able to hold your hand, not being mine. When will my heart stop suffering, to my heart and me you are the only cure. With out you i am nobody, I whont now how to live without the person I love the most, Soon I will die, die of the pain that love breings me. The Love that i cant give you. The Love I cant show you. The Love I cant express for you.I have not loved many because i new one day something wonderful would happen, Meeting you. At last al that time had paid of, meting a wonderful, joyful, nad beautiful girl. I just want you to give me a chance. one chance thats all i need to show you how much you really meant to me, how much i love you.With that chance i will stop deing nad will give you all the love that i can give you. Dont let me sufer any more pleas i beg you. I hope that one day you will think and say he has been the only one that has loved me for who i am. And If just let me sufer with you.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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