Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'How Much I Miss You' - Poem by Kevin Wang

Baby girl you must know how much I miss you
how much I want to kiss you
baby you so sexy
everyday, every...everywhere I see that it's you
you so fine
a chick who I want to kiss your lips

girl, you should now know how much I miss you by the day's end
writing a love letter to you before my classes
I fantasize you in my every night
Oh, God! ! !
baby, I just miss you so

I hear you boice in the lonely winds
for that, I want to hold you tihgt
right below where the blossoms fall
kiss you where somewhere deep in me has been set free

angel, I just fly highg
to see you come back into my eyes
you make shiver and grow goosebumps to think of this very idea
to leave me in this gloomy rain
but I would never leave you
cuz ur everything to me

girl, I just miss you so
to let my feeling go
I would give my soul to kiss you in my arms once more
baby, you just so fine

just so you know how much I'd miss you
to see you sleep by my side
those brown round eyes to blink so innocently at me
those eyebrows I want to kiss
those lips that...that I want to touch

baby you are like no girl I met before
you just so fine

I don't want to hug the ground no more
cuz I want to see you my arms once more
hear my desperate cries in this fading, foggy night in the dark waters
I miss that smile that gleams in the light
An angel an.....
nah, more than that
cuz you are everything to me
cuz you a goddess to me
I see how you look at me before
with those cute round eyes of yours
Once to turn my back from you
has brought a waterfall of regret raining, drowning me on the spot

these love words
means how much really miss u, miss u
I really want to kiss u, hold u, hug u

I just miss u
to see the smile of yours
the goddess whom I bowed to once before
sometimes love is seen as a toy
to be toyed with
but this love I would never do such a thing
cuz ur that special to me
cuz this love I cannot believe I even met
im just a lucky boy to see u here
when I see you, you make me smile

cuz this is how much I miss you
these hours in glasses
as in ashes passed my eyes
love is what I call a miracle cuz it can save u
if u decide to pick it from there
if u fall down once again
well, no matter how I much fall down to my knees
I would pick it once more, and again and again
until I want to see u smile again
cuz thats how much I miss u

I wish I can go back in time
to make things faster
but to let things bewteen you and I to stay longer

me dont wanna see to be myself
cuz I hate myself for that
cuz thats how much I miss u
u an angel, a goddess to my eyes, to my heart
I wanna kiss, hold
I just miss u 'til the next day and after that to leave u alone
so I beg u to dont leave me again
cuz it pains me so
to leave me here, to see you go
cuz I miss u everyday, everywhere where I'm not with u
cuz that's how much I miss u
just miss u in my eyes, my heart, my side
my lonely soul cries out to u so slowly yet so gloomy
cuz I miss u
I miss u
miss u *fading away*

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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