Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'Ocean Of Memories' - Poem by Kevin Wang

first time i met you could never be forgotten
first time i said that i love you
how so you only said that's cute
but i have remembered everything
the first time for everything
overwhelmed to meet a girl like you
an extraordinary person whom I treasure not as an object but to give my heart to

moments of time goes tic toc tic toc...
even during an eclipse you shine like a beacon
for my nose to sniff your dangers around you
caring for every second of your precious life
each second i stand, i sit, i stay by you
forever to be a loyal puppy at your service

once before i had tried to keep all of my memories in a safe place
one special place to keep these silver drops of the sand of times to keep your memories
but I have never found such a place
my heart could not even hold it all
but only partial bits of being with you

but it had only spilled out into an ocean
the deep blue sea
there i had finally found the answer to all these problems
to hold you forever, even if it may be your picture shall be
in the ocean of memories, a vast land of waves
my memories, love for you are all swept into the ocean's caves
to be only kept interlocked from the prying eyes of thieves and robbers of time

memories from which wanting to spend more time with you
under those innocent eyes of yours,
i would hide my face from you and zip my mouth from the true words that i want to say
mostly even when you are not alone

i always worried about the first impression to you
that you would rip my picture off your wall just because what i did
i thought i would just stop and run away
for this is what i felt whenever....well just whenever...cuz i just don't know
i have been waiting too long, sitting too long as seconds are ticking on
to wish to turn the time dial around, to the past, present, future
but i wouldn't want to disturb those memories of you

an ocean of memories of me and you
is slowly unfolded...these times of you, pictures of you
are everlastingly pasted on my wall cuz you're that special to me
the post on my calendar upon the 10th would even more special to me than the fireworks of the 4th of July
as colors of brown, orange, and yellow starts to fall
and by the bay
the color of the sand would all be brown
cuz that's your favorite color, that's you
and i want to remember you forever

memories of you can never be locked within a book or even by my words
cuz you are just that breath-taking to me
just cuz...cuz you're a lost for words
just meant to be here on this land, this world, this....this place *frustrated thoughts*
sometimes i would fear of getting some kind of disease that would make me forget about you
that's why i've kept everything you gave to me
except for one that i treasured the most
the first gift you gave to me
i should have put it a safer place but your hands had already placed it there
so i could do just lost in this fog forever cuz i know you would be anrgy at me
so please forgive me

i wouldn't want to keep any secrets from you
that astonishing personality before my eyes
i beg for mercy cuz i dont want this nail to be in my heart for long
so please forgive me so i can go on walking down my lonely road waiting for you to join me

an ocean of memories
for me and you
a soon-to-be-book for you and me
once to think of a dream to be with you
but also a wish to be with you, a chick like you
hear me out, let me grasp your hand and kiss it
to say this book's name
just hear me once again before my voice dies out in the pain and water on my cheeks
to hear me say this name
just hear this ocean of memories of you and me
this book...*gasp*...this is...
The Wish of a Dream

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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