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How Myrilljhot Got A New Ruler - Poem by Rishi Menon

long ago, in the ancient times
much before king Solomon's mines,
was a kingdom called myrilljhot
it was a beautiful place on a large plot

king Romulus ruled over this land
from every pebble to a grain of sand
an extra-ordinary ruler was he
whenever he battled he would never flee

he and his knights never fail
together they created a wonderful tale
zeryll the wizard was always by his side
until one day king Romulus died

there was disaster in the kingdom
everyone including the people of the slum
'oh no! the king has died'they used to sing
thats when zeryll the wizard became king

overwhelmed he was by all his power
he became so evil that he couldn't recover
he raised the taxes very high
all the people could do was sadly sigh

now his power became twice as more
so much that he could lift the floor
he could shoot lightning from his palms
he was also trained to use weaponry arms

he had become purely evil
not once did he become old and feeble
nothing could beat this master magician
except a dagger made from the bones of Augusto Ian

a warrior called rylon knew he'd succeed
none of the people's advice he would heed
he set out to find this magic dagger
first he must defeat the giant, jack swagger

with great determination rylon went
but,13 days the battle spent
rylon thought he'd better give in
with this massive giant he'd never win

just then to him an idea struck
call it chance or call it luck
he saw the giants missing eye
if he threw a spear would he die?

he took the spear and threw it hard
the giant thought it was a playing card
that's when it struck his eye
as he thought the giant did die

then he took the magic weapon
which had the strength of a 100 men
he decided to save his kingdom
everyone was surprised that alive he had come

he marched to the palace to fight the wizard
when they met the magician turned into a giant bird
he tried hard but he couldn't get a clear shot
as his surroundings started getting hot

he knew this was now or never
he had to be braver than ever
he took the dagger and threw it like a dart
which went straight into the wizard's heart

he died at once without a word
in the body of the giant bird
rylon was the hero then
thats how myrilljhot got a new ruler again

Rishi Menon,13 years

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