How The Moments Come

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Strange how the moments come;
Those moments upon which one’s world turns.

Some seeming insignificances - pure coincidences:
Chance at its most mercurial
Dealing hands which break the bank or bust,
Or less a case of ‘Lady Luck’
Than life’s ‘Savings & Loans’
Finally coming good for work-weary bones.

All moments could be of the former form
Or just as likely the latter,
Or maybe ‘fate’ or the finger of God
Seeking a dividend on his investment divine.

So where do you and I stand on probability and providence…?

Me? Well, I wouldn’t bet against ‘chance’ –
Let’s face it, it’s an odds-on favourite!
And though the justice the world metes out
Falls far short of fairness for all,
Generally the books seem to balance.

… But fate? .. Fate I can’t fathom.

Maybe I’m too mechanical,
Too straight-laced, too stupid
Or just too plain rational,
But for me fate flies full in the face of free will –
Presumes I’m powerless - my preferences pointless:
So I don’t ‘buy’it.

[Sly thought: if fate existed, it would have to be free –
After all, who would buy fait-accompli? ! ]

Unless, of course, fate really is
Nothing more than holding by chance a ‘Royal Flush’ in hearts, or
Nothing less than deity dealing your cards.

Tony Jolley 02 May 2006

If you are looking at this poem and comment - how did you get to it? It gets 800% more hits than anything else I've written and I can't work out why? ...Are there other links pointing to it (other than the Poemhunter listing under 'Fate') ? Please let me know.... Another point - I have found numerous copies of this poem all over the web, mostly with my authorship attributed, but latterly some are springing up as word for word rip-offs under other titles - one even being claimed as being authored by someone else.... so watch your own poems won't you! If you do like this poem and want to put it somewhere else, I have no objection (unless it is for commercial gain) provided the correct title is used, the content is unabridged and my authorship/intellectual property right duly attributed. A link to my area of Poemhunter would also be appreciated. Tony Jolley

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