How To Confess Your Love To A Girl Poem by Anders Lim

How To Confess Your Love To A Girl

Take a glance, look back down
Rejoice in your head without a sound
Become her friend, proceed from there
Create a friendly emotional affair
Spend more time, friendship brew
Only your true self will see you through
She’ll talk back, under no decree
An underground love blooms steadily
You notice it, yet put it aside
For it ultimately boosts your pride
Pick up the phone, call her out
But please do not if you have any doubts
Summon the courage within your soul
Take your time but be in control
Sound calm, sound steady, but of them all
Sound like you unintentionally made the call
As your heart fills with anxiety
Thank her as she unconditionally agrees
Spend the night, talk it away
Don’t let the awkwardness lead you astray
Lead her back to a sentimental place
Where you two first met face to face
Reflect upon how through the course of so long
That fate has kept a love this strong
Tell her it’s genuine, tell her it’s true
Tell her how much she really means to you
As tears fill in both your eyes
Looks up at the beautiful dark skies
With the stars set neatly in place
Kiss her in your warm embrace
Close your eyes, enjoy the thrill
This is a moment time won’t kill
Send her home, wish her good night
Say goodbye by hugging her tight
And there you have it, the job is done
For a fruitful love has just begun

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