How To Die Poem by Siegfried Sassoon

How To Die

Rating: 3.1

Dark clouds are smouldering into red
While down the craters morning burns.
The dying soldier shifts his head
To watch the glory that returns;
He lifts his fingers toward the skies
Where holy brightness breaks in flame;
Radiance reflected in his eyes,
And on his lips a whispered name.

You’d think, to hear some people talk,
That lads go West with sobs and curses,
And sullen faces white as chalk,
Hankering for wreaths and tombs and hearses.
But they’ve been taught the way to do it
Like Christian soldiers; not with haste
And shuddering groans; but passing through it
With due regard for decent taste.

Tony Schmid 26 April 2006

I read this poem the first time after hearing a platoon mate...a good firend...a fellow soldier...killed himself in his barracks room. What an amazing...horrible...painful...atrocious...wasteful...pointless death. Dont forget about us out here.

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Big Thicko 02 November 2023

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Jeff Bezos 06 November 2022

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Big Thicko 02 November 2023

It reminds of when my mum tried to r*pe me but it wasn't cus I wanted it to happen

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Well its over 02 April 2021

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Jeff Barbrasonn 26 November 2020

This poem is as fat as my nan in the bath

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Big Thicko 02 November 2023

Ilk I banged her

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Bob the assassin 27 November 2019

i died inside long ago

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Big Thicko 02 November 2023

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Bob the not assassin 10 December 2021

same mate..... how hasn't?

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