Does It Matter? Poem by Siegfried Sassoon

Does It Matter?

Rating: 4.2

Does it matter? -losing your legs?
For people will always be kind,
And you need not show that you mind
When others come in after hunting
To gobble their muffins and eggs.
Does it matter? -losing you sight?
There’s such splendid work for the blind;
And people will always be kind,
As you sit on the terrace remembering
And turning your face to the light.
Do they matter-those dreams in the pit?
You can drink and forget and be glad,
And people won't say that you’re mad;
For they know that you've fought for your country,
And no one will worry a bit.

Fay Slimm 23 November 2008

Full of dark cynicism - and this is often Sassoon as he writes about the war which appalled him througout the whole period of his time in the trenches. Yet on going back after his rehabilitation at Craighlockhart he was determined even more to write the tributes to the men whom he thought would otherwise die unsung. A great poet and a great heart.

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Alem Hailu G/kristos 21 December 2015

Though cynic interesting.Yes as Aristotle says suffering purifies the soul! Tragedy grabs attention

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M Asim Nehal 29 December 2016

Cynically best poem, thanks for sharing,

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Charles f Harrienger jr 23 December 2017

we who knew the valiant few, furrowed in your lawn, are quite concerned you haven't learned the fury of the pawn

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Michael 03 July 2022

He didn't add, ‘He was paid, he wouldn't worry.' Sad. War for glory is always messed up.

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Chinedu Dike 23 January 2022

Insightful piece set aside for honest contemplation...

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