How To Live

Deep inside within me resides the profound ability
To clear the opacity and reveal the Indecency
Of todays society, and its harsh brutality
That sparks insanity, due to cruelty and due to vanity
This calamity of majorities coming down on me
I relinquish control of my mind and body
To find them by me, I live simply, explicitly,
Exclusively for others to understand me
So I can fit in, and similarly live happily
Not necessarily, successfully
But in all hopes the same, without diversity
NO, thats not the life for me.
I learn from antiquity and my peers originality
This what leads me out of Adversity
So if you come to me
I ask simply believe, I am what I am
And i do what i do
I fight for myself and for people like You
Who stand in the dark every Night
Hands to there sides refusing to Fight
Get up on your feet and march to the Beat
The journey is long and its hard
and for those of Feint Heart
I suggest this, don't Start
The fight to succeed is long due to greed
And one must secede from the classes of masses
And become there own person
With Personal Thoughts, with Morals of Dos
and morals of Do Nots
Strength to escape the chains of this world
And the flames of the people
A graceful fire across the cold sea
To unheard voices in a majestic City
with magical words and insightful Theory
Come back to Reality, where we Are what we Are
Not based on who, or what, or how, but on why
Why we come and why we try, to grow and to Fly
Why refuse to relate to the Lies they create
To augment their power and control
Over who? OVER YOU

I believe I believe i can hold in my hand
this pen and this paper
and proceed to become even greater
Stop or Slow down? No, maybe later
As for now i just need to lead
myself through the gloom and the doom of this room
filled to the roof with opinions in mirrors
Where all I can see is a different Me
A thousand ways never the same,
Because of the thousand rays, its so insane
Falling upon the individual during my ritual
Cadence, they'll never Fade Its impossible
The thousands of Eyes will never go Blind
so I will continue to Find
Myself as a Collage of Hatred and Pride


And now clearly i see why you continue to flee
In your eyes I appear so crazy
But it doesn't Phase me that you judge me Unfairly
Because of my words and my actions
Or my friends and their Factions
In fact I enjoy your Subtle Reactions
To my continued defiance of your Conventions
Your rules to be cool when you all look like fools
clumped in your corners refusing to grow older
refusing to grow bolder
Now I'm not a rapper, I'm just a guy
with a pen and a paper
Making an Attempt to express the Emotions
Exploding through his mind and Body
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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