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Little Drummer Girl

Every week she steps daily in army,
Faking that she does it happily,
evenly taps it out constantly
the beat always comes to me
It wakes the family
Who wearily strains their eyes faithfully
hoping that eventually
they'll coming marching orderly across the praire
And then finally
the end will come and we can rest peacefully
knowingly with the thoughts in our heads
that the young aren't dead
That they're back alive safely
And he dont have to live hatefully
side by side the enemy
that our neighbors can be called a friend to me

But Until then,...

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Insanely Derranged

I am Insanely deranged and up tight in this situation
my arms so heavy and my min is so light in this frustration
I don’t understand this, maybe I’ve gone crazy
I don’t know this, maybe I’ve cracked
my life is all weird, its been out of wakked
someone should help me, help me break free
some one should show me, show me the way
that way I can see, see the light of day
or I’m just mentally lost, a grain of sand, maybe