David Wilson Poems

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Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget

Dreams and passions lead to misery and depression

Complicated missions fall to pieces

What They Told Me

In my hands i hold a key,
to the door of the heart,
is what they told me,
in my eyes i have the sight,


How To Live

Deep inside within me resides the profound ability
To clear the opacity and reveal the Indecency
Of todays society, and its harsh brutality
That sparks insanity, due to cruelty and due to vanity

Little Drummer Girl

Every week she steps daily in army,
Faking that she does it happily,
evenly taps it out constantly
the beat always comes to me

Not Afraid Man

spick span tip top, clean
top of the game, fresh ass, thats what i mean
im not gonna lie bout the things that i see
neva been hood, always been good

I Climbed To The Top

climbed to the peak peeps, listen to me speek
Know that u can, respect who i am
Know that i show, that im proud to be loud
Let go, let me see, how u can truly, really be

I Rhyme For Passion

Livin this life so long day by day
just waitin here to here you say
the wordz thatll free my soul
the wordz thatll make me whole

Arms Wide

man am i sick of this drama comin out so quick
man am i sick of this s**t thats tryna stick
man yeah im sick but i dont care
i said that if you needed a hand id be there

End Of Me

The Shadows That Creep In The Back Of Your Mind Are But A Dream Compared To The Nightmares That Stalk My Conscience

This is the End for Me