Katerina Val

Howling - Poem by Katerina Val

In the shadowed valley
kids are growing faster, running through fallen pines
there Veniamin meets Haley
both hiding the fire that shines

In the shadowed valley
problems dive to find the truth
there Shakespeare meets Sally
and they both shake the grace of stolen youth

In the tears that laugh
trust resuscitates the theme of dark
there all the questions stay undone
and all the freedom rests breathing indolent

Through the shadowed pines
the water runs refreshed and younger

In the shadowed valley
begins to grow a mystic alley
between friendship and survival
there Veniamin stabbed Hailey
and Shakespeare hugged the faith of surrender
that had escaped through Sally's eyes

Transparent kiss
guarantees eternal bliss
for one night
for one shadow
hanging from the pine
save your thought
it's turning into dawn

The water running un-shadowed
and the thought escaped of Sally's head
she stared the scenery but didn't fall for death
converted into a sparrow
of eternity and greatness

As you grow
the pines cherish your growth
and as you fall
the pines hold your strength
till the dawn
when you'll be better

So your philosophy's confessed
the shadows hold your structure of readiness
radiant your thought
the scenery still cold
Shakespeare's hanging from your throat
but Veniamin is paying the toll

for, sentiments
run the definitive role

Hailey, Sally grab your hands
walk through the valley
the fright is not yours
but of the shadows that set a chant for your eyes

In the shadowed valley
everything survives
even tired eyes.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 3, 2013

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