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Hues Unparalled - Poem by aryaindia india

To colors that affect me in every way

Lilac, the color of my dreams
Pale hue, virtually a maze
Quivers the brilliance of rays
That strike fascination my craze

Silver, the color of my hopes
Beg me ever not to give up
The clouds they bestow succinctly
Clairayoance sure their cup

Purple, the color of my lust
Creeps dipping within me I find
Reminding me if time and again
That I am so vulnerable found

Green, the color of my vision
Satiates success in endeavors
Looking beyond the horizon
I, eager for greener pastures

Maroon, the color of my love
Glows in crimson shades
Romance brightens the feel of my soul
To carry on for yet another day

Blue, the color of my peace
Within me deep she reigns true
Touching the depths of the calm sea
Highest peaks of sky does she scale

Yellow, the color of my sensitivity
The pallor she mysteriously dwells
In crevices of my alert brain
She does find comfort in stealth

Orange, the color of my desires
They spurt in directions wide
They fail often in culmination
Too many for me to channelize

Red, the color of my blood
Craves to gush intermittently
As heart beats on relentlessly
Pressure she maintains continuously

Indigo, the color of my fascination
For all that is naturally found
The God above, he rules the world
Observing my delight on the ground

Violet, the color of my happiness
In shades she splashes her mirth
I kind of slip out of her hold sudden
Still, she holds me in her girth

Grey, the color of my sorrow
Presents herself in seeming bouts
She reminds me of her presence
Of that, I never have doubts

Cream, the color of my tastes
Sophistication in all they scream
I wish rawness to escape their hold
But, they pull back into their realm

Mauve, the color of my anger
She spits fire as if really mad
I calm her senses, if only I can
Sometimes she leaps out of hand

Brown, the color of my conscience
Hangs heavily on my brow
I grapple to keep her within bounds
I only wish, I could know how

Pastels, the colors of my integrity
Striving to remain seen
They yell at me to keep them strong
Like them, I have seemingly been

Dark or light, my inconsistencies
I desperately keep at bay
They attack me ever so often
Eventually I escape, having my way

Black, the color of my frustration
She impales me in speechless sprees
I delve to scan her intentions
From her, I can never be free

No color in vision his fate
For life it clings like a mate
If I could through my words sate
Such dream your heart could so rate

THEN, White, the color of my solitude
I retreat oft into her realms
She's packed with all the colors above
In her presence, I can realise my dreams

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
Color - the visual appeal that stirs imagination and brings forth the best in us\' that affect me in every way

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