I Saw You Poem by aryaindia india

I Saw You

Rating: 5.0

to the semblance of a thought

I saw you in the sunlight
So bright and amber lit
It touched my soul to soften
In ways it so thought fit
So tarried with the burden
Sequeled I ventured right
Alas! A harried thought to rule
It wounds my feel to fight

I saw you in the twilight
The stagger in your voice
I fretted for the pain in you
Unknown to all the noise
The greyed and harassed looks
They frittered as a spell
Alas! A wounded thought to phrase
Resounded in so well

I see you in the darkness
Around so homeward bound
In close and secure quarters
Uncaring to the sound
The brighter days have sobered
And all that remains now
Are kind and trusted hands that show
Your way before a bow

If life has shown you're wiser
It is so often said
The realms of tell tale thoughts
Weave clusters fore we're dead

Ken E Hall 12 August 2009

The beginning and the end make this poem unique and beautiful a pleasure to read which I thankyou for sharing++++++++++10 regards

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rago rago 26 April 2009

A deep thought and satisfying verses. The last lines make the whole poem meaningful.

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Kesav Easwaran 18 April 2009

good farewell poem, Arya...a lot of good will inside...and beautiful rhyming...thanks...10

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Subroto Chatterjee 09 April 2009

Ms. India, Congratulations. Hmmm....Deep thinking, keep drinking.....thoughts! Memories don't leave like people do....they always stay with you. Cheers. Subroto.

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