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To beauty that is ageless

Surrounded by distant tapering shadows

Darkness bends through the light of its path
Rounded corners grace the royal symphony
Sound dispels the streaks of eerie silence
As mirth revels pompously in the lonely heart

There's peace and joy in knowing
That love and truth so reign
That joy and peace in sowing
Momentum will just gain

Spilled are the flashy colors unlimited
Gleaming in their light of shining frenzy
Their hues ranging from dark to light pearl
As they sweep deliriously in the mind

Vulgarity of expression
For which, I dont throw blame
On you, that thoughts like these
Should cease, to burn your inner flame

Not long ago in ancient time
It seemed so fine to bide in mime
As illness wrecked an image true
So saintly filled was twilight's hue

God saw that man had inner faith-
Belief in what he'd see
But lesser scope in what he meant-
With machines they would be

The soul it seeks to perch and pray
A tune that renders fine
Without a stop when started forth
It hopes to sing a line

to the semblance of a thought

I saw you in the sunlight

to that which is temporary - life itself

I stare into the vacuum that spreads before me
Into the siphoning of thoughts that go haywire

Can I touch just where you hurt?
With words that spread as balm
The kind that soothe and seal within
Deep scars so healed and calm

In the air that I breathe
The freshness I seek
The attention of the seeker
Askance I revel in that

to creation that is color - the color of the soul

It does not matter you do not see

to the ray of love that runs through our lives

I feel you in the squeeze within my heart
Of me you are so much so much a part


to inspiration that lies within all ofus

Mysterious strands of energy
Fascinate my inner soul


Gather the light in the sieve of a shine
When brilliance weaves a heart like mine

Gather the joys in the frill of delight


soulful endearments

Can I touch just where you hurt?

to the power of wisdom

It lies in knowing and reasoning
That one looks back in forgiveness

Harmony is like the river of flowing sentiments
That grace sentiments that hide the human persona
In colours that vary with the mood of expression
Lighting the path to greater human understanding

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Finding the light within the darkness
Reveals the sunshine in murky waters
Everlasting peace within shines
As pathways lead to a rosy future

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